Seamlessly process all of your transactions on Apple, Android, PC, Mac…

AMG SecurePay (AMGSP) is a leading payment gateway that enables any merchant to process transactions quickly and affordably. Retail/mobile/wireless, e-Commerce, and MoTo processing accounts can all use AMGSP. AMGSP is the solution merchants have been waiting for that can take the place of, or complement, expensive software. AMGSP processes transactions, produces reports, and provides top-of-the-line security.

Apple Pay

AMG SecurePay is fully compatible with and supports Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service enabling users to make payments using specific Apple® products, namely the iPhone 6, iPad Air 2,and the iPad Mini 3.


Tokenization is the process of substituting sensitive cardholder information with non-sensitive, random values.

Products & Features

  • Electronic Shopping Cart

    Sell your goods online and enable multiple-item purchases with the QuickClick shopping cart.

  • Recurring Billing

    Sell subscriptions, products, or services that recur charges on a monthly basis.

  • Product Manager

    Product Manager provides you with a product database capable of storing your frequently sold items for quick recall when performing new transactions.

  • Mobile Payments

    Process swipe transactions with all major credit cards. Compatible with both Android and Apple mobile products.

  • iSpy Fraud

    Choose customizable, extensive filters to help safeguard yourself against fraud.

  • QuickBooks SyncPay

    AMG SecurePay is compatible with QuickBooks SyncPay.

  • E-Check Processing

    Whether it’s check guarantee, check verification, or check-by-phone, AMG SecurePay has all the tools and resources you need to process your electronic check transactions.

  • Level 3 Processing

    Process transactions beyond the consumer-to-business scale.

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For more information about AMG SecurePay, visit the official website or call 877.99.SWIPE (79473).