Gift and Loyalty Card Programs

Drive Loyalty and Expand Your Customer Base

Gift Card Programs

Gift cards aren’t just impulse purchases or last-minute holiday gifts. People buy certain gift cards for certain individuals, individuals that would benefit the most from visiting your store. The best thing about a gift card isn’t the fact that it’s a promise of patronage – it’s the ability to turn a curious onlooker into a lifelong customer. Someone who may not have gone into your store previously is now your biggest customer.

Loyalty Card Programs

The premise of a loyalty card is to award points based on consumer business. A loyal customer will earn more points than someone who only frequents a business occasionally. A prime example of this can be found in supermarkets, which will run turkey or ham promotions during the holidays. A customer who spends over a certain threshold in a certain amount of time will receive a complimentary item. Similar programs can be found in fast food chains, retail stores, and even online businesses.

Customer retention and marketing programs are becoming increasingly sophisticated and it’s important to stay up on which customers are buying what. When customers sign up for loyalty card programs, they’re not only expressing interest in providing you with more business, they’re giving you valuable data and analytics. Demographics, spending habits, customer preferences are all valuable pieces of information that can’t be obtained through other means.

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