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Fast capital solutions for PA, NJ, and NY businesses

Advanced Merchant Group knows that building a business is no easy task and finding capital to grow it can be equally challenging. From inventory to new systems to payroll, you can use our cash advance however you would like for businesses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County, and Delaware County.

The most frequently asked question about our business cash advance program is “how do you recoup the dollars that you are loaning to me?” The answer is very simple. We build a small percentage into your credit card processing rates that is dedicated to recovering the funding. There is no need for you to write us a check and you will never have to worry about the funds being in your account. This way, you save time and put your cash advance to work for all businesses in PA, NJ and NY looking for working capital right away.

You can qualify if your business:
– Is a restaurant, retail, or service business
– Processes at least $4,000/month in credit card sales
– Has been in business more than 1 year
– Has 1+ year remaining on your lease
– Has no open judgments or bankruptcies

Once you have capital to invest, AMG will begin collecting a small, agreed-upon percentage of your daily credit card sales until our agreement is fully executed. You never have to worry about writing a single check or paying a single late fee. You only worry about growing your business. The approved processing bank will transfer funds automatically and electronically, just as happens every day with your credit card batches. In fact, your advance could be made whole without you even noticing!

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