AMG President Kevin Wiener elected to Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors

Advanced Merchant Group president Kevin Wiener


On March 14, 2017, AMG President Kevin Wiener was elected to the Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce (LBCCC)’s Board of Directors.

“It was an honor to be nominated, and even more so to be selected, for this position on the board of directors. As chair of the Member Benefits Committee for 5 years, I have seen firsthand what it takes for the Chamber to grow and be successful. Hopefully my contribution to the board of directors will be valuable, and help the Chamber continue to thrive,” Kevin said.

Since 2004, Kevin and AMG have been involved with the LBCCC.

“We have forged many strong business relationships over our 13 years in the Chamber, but the personal friendships I’ve made in that time are more valuable to me than anything else. We owe a large part of our sustained success to our work with and the relationships we’ve built through the Chamber.”