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The world of credit card processing is constantly evolving. To ensure your business stays protected and up-to-date, we offer the latest EMV terminals and provide PCI compliance assistance. We also strive to provide you with the fairest rates and the most affordable terminal options. We want your business to thrive.

Whether you are a client of Advanced Merchant Group or not, we always want to protect you from those who may not have your best interests at heart.

Several of our merchants have contacted us recently with questions or concerns regarding phone calls, letters, or visits from individuals or automated messages purporting to be representatives of “your merchant services company” or Visa/MasterCard. While not directly saying they are with Advanced Merchant Group, these companies do not dissuade you from thinking that they are representatives of our company.

These individuals will attempt to have you fill out new forms under the guise of “updating information” or “ensuring your business is compliant” but they are really trying to switch your merchant account to a different company/provider without you realizing it. They will also try to sell or lease you a credit card terminal at a high premium. These “representatives” insist that you need to buy this terminal now or your business could face major consequences.

These scare tactics are just attempts to coerce you into signing these costly credit card processing contracts or sell you new credit card terminals. These new machines, of course, will be sold at double or triple the current price of our EMV terminals.

If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be your merchant services provider and have any doubts concerning the legitimacy of the caller, hang up the phone and contact us directly. We do not use automated messages to contact our merchants and all calls to the AMG corporate office are answered by live representatives during normal business hours.